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Sunday 15 September 2013

The Far North

We made the short journey from Carnforth – Tewitfield this afternoon, which was a very significant journey, as it completes our quest to travel all the inland waterways of England (to our satisfaction anyway).* The map is now all coloured in.

As we started off the weather was terrible, just as the forecasters had been promising for today, strong winds and pouring rain, but checking on-line led us to believe it would change during the afternoon for a while. By the time we were arriving at Tewitfield, the rain was stopping.

Tewitfield (2)



We moored right at the end, by the services, which we made good use of and while we were there, set off to find the Tewitfield locks across the filled in bit of canal.



Tewitfield (4) Tewitfield (6)

The lock chambers are in good condition and there is water in the cut.

Tewitfield (8) Tewitfield (9) Tewitfield (10)


Old lock gates standing beside the flight.




Unfortunately the M6 crosses the canal causing a problem for the Lancaster Canal Trust whose plans are to work towards opening the canal up to Kendal once again.

Tewitfield (13)


We didn’t cross the motorway, to see the canal cut up further taking the navigation into Cumbria.




Tewitfield (5) Tewitfield (16)

By the time we got back to Tacet, the sun was out, there were blue skies all around and white clouds. So that marked the occasion, the most northern point on the canals, and our last canal, but fortunately not the end of our journey, at least for a few more weeks.

Tewitfield (14) Godalming (3)

Tewitfield                                                                                                Goldalming

Brandon (1)Llangollen wharf 

Brandon                                                                                                Llangollen

North, South, East, West, Our floating home’s the very best.

*What we haven’t done is the MSC, Bow Back Rivers and any piloted passages.

Saturday & Sunday, Hest Bank – Carnforth – Tewitfield – Carnforth

12.5 miles, 1 swing bridge


  1. Well done you two, a great achievement.
    Bob and June

  2. Well done! Have enjoyed the journey too! Lovely pics.

  3. That is some achievement, well done....what now not another blogger heading for dry land ?


  4. Thanks Guys,
    We have enjoyed all of it. It has been a fantastic experience. Yes Nev, we cannot yet legitimately retire, so have to go back 'on the bank' and gain some sort of employment. But I'm sure we'll be back!