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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Thursday 19 September 2013

“There’s A Famous Seaside Place Called Blackpool,


That’s noted for fresh air and fun.”  And Mr and Mrs Tacet, went there one evening alone.


“They didn’t think much of the ocean, the waves were fiddling and small”,  But they did see the lifeboat returning, back from an SOS call.


“So seeking for further amusement”, they wandered along to the Tower, where the Ballroom was quiet and empty, nothing much happening that hour.


They found a place for refreshment, plenty of choice there to eat, fish & chips, hot dogs and ice cream, donuts and candy, a treat.


Twas windy and wet on the seafront, they next hopped onto a tram, and inside in warmth and in comfort, looked out at the sea and the sand.

P1040793 P1040797

In expectation they waited, for how ‘lu-minations would be, with a flick of the switch, the lights all came on and oh what a wonder to see.

P1040803 P1040805  P1040808  P1040813 P1040816

So what did they think about Blackpool, the famous seasidey town, with three piers to it’s name, trams, donkeys and sand, a tower and rides up and down.

The seaside tradition is thriving, with all the parties and fun, Families enjoying their holiday, just wanting some time in the sun.

With apologies to Marriott Edgar and The Lion and Albert.

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  1. Hehe, that was one of my dad's party-piece poems. I love your adaptation.