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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Slowly does it


Well, we haven’t come far today, so there’s not much to write about. We just made a short trip along to Galgate. When we were in Preston we started to make arrangements for a new carpet to be fitted to Tacet. Tomorrow the fitter will come out to measure up as they wouldn’t accept Ian’s careful measuring and diagrams. Once we had managed to explain the nature the boat moving we think we got an understanding that the fitter would come to Galgate to measure up, then by the time the carpet was ready we would be back in Preston or at least nearby for the fitting. We’ll see how it all works out.

So just a few pictures from our walk around Galgate…….

P1040539 P1040540 P1040541

The old silk mill, an old gate house or lodge, and stone terraces, with the railway viaduct running above our heads through the village.




P1040547  P1040549

Ellel Grange is the International headquarters of Ellel Ministries, a centre for healing and deliverance ministry. It is a lovely Italianate style house set in open grounds with lovely wide views and of course the Canal running through too.

P1040538 P1040543

I spy locks!….

This is the entrance to the Glasson Branch with locks down to Glasson Basin and the sea. We hope to go down tomorrow after the carpet man has been.

7 miles

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