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Friday, 14 October 2011

Autumn Glory

Another beautiful day with blue skies, autumn colours and warm weather. Lovely.

Jumble keeping ahead of the game.
Along the way today we passed the old chocolate factory wharf on the Shebdon embankment.
After the all locks of yesterday, now the canal is either in a deep cutting or on high embankments.

The factory now makes milk powder, but doesn't use the canal of course.
The Cowley tunnel cut out of the rock.

Reflections in the cutting
Another of the high bridges, this one over Grub Street cutting, a double arched bridge with a telegraph pole in the middle. As we were travelling looking into the sun, I hopped off the boat and looked the other way...
That's better.
Tonight we are moored in Wheaton Aston, we just squeezed in on the left after the first boat. The towpath is the right side for me to wash the other side of the boat, so it's all been cleaned now, just polishing to do now. The brass mushrooms have been done today, whilst we were travelling as there were no locks.
13 miles, 1 tunnel

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