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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Straight on to Stourport

We made an early(ish) start this morning, there was a crisp autumn chill in the air although bright and sunny.
Cookley tunnel with the village over top.
At Debdale lock there was a wall of sandstone beside us,
a wall with a hole in it,
on closer inspection, its quite a big space inside,
it may have been used as stabling for the towing horses or for shelter by the navvies. Another example of the soft sandstone rock being used for living in. The air temperature inside was noticeably warmer than outside even in the sun.
The attractive view of St. Mary's Church in Kidderminster above the town lock. We stopped here for lunch and a quick look around the shops in town before moving on to Stourport. Looking out on the way for a safe spot to leave Tacet for a few days while we go visiting family for a few days. A pleasant surprise, we have the choice of 3 different spots of 5 day mooring, easliy accessible for picking up the hire car. Great.

10 miles, 7 locks, 1 tunnel

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  1. These crisp Autumn mornings are beautiful!

    Enjoy the days away!