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Monday, 3 October 2011

Llangollen Canal

On Saturday we turned onto the Llangollen Canal in the beautiful, hot sunshine.
The bottom of Hurleston locks at the start of the Llangollen.

Sorry, no photos of yesterday's journey from Wrenbury to Whitchurch. The canal by-passes villages and runs through farmland much of the way.

Today we travelled to Ellesmere, taking the Prees branch on the way, because you can.
The house at the junction looks good.
The branch is not very long with 2 lift bridges and this brick arch before the marina at the end of the navigable section.

At Ellesmere we turned at the basin where this old canal warehouse and crane mark the canal's heritage.  Opposite  is a new Tesco supermarket.
We had a quick look around the town before stocking up in Tesco. This is the old Town Hall, now a restaurant.

Some old buildings.

The Ellesmere Hotel, not a very prestigious looking building perhaps. A plaque on the wall tells how this was the place where idea for the Llangollen Canal was born.
Quite impressive to have secured £1,000,000 to start the work in such a short time.

An autumn sunrise, Sunday morning. What wonderful sight.

Sun, Mon,
21 miles, 10 locks, 1 tunnel, 9 bridges

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  1. What a beautiful sunrise!

    We woke up in Ambleside on Sunday. Sadly, the sun was NOT shining (at least, not visibly!)