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Monday, 17 October 2011


Today the sun was hiding behind the clouds, we had a few glimpses, and a few showers too.
On the way down to Kinver we came through Hyde lock, the lock cottage was pretty and well kept.
Did you notice the gates to the cottage, let me show you up closer...
Aren't they good!
We stopped at Kinver and walked up to Kinver Edge a large sandstone rock ridge covered in gorse and heather. As we walked up there were some light showers of rain but as we got to the top the sun came out again giving great views in all directions.
framed by a rainbow.
At Holy Austin Rock there are these lovely rock houses. Built into the sandstone, people have lived in rock caves here since the 1600's. And these rock houses were lived in 'til the 1960's.

In its hey-day 11 families lived in a warren of whitewashed rooms on 3 levels. After they were abandoned in 1967 they fell into decay.  They have now been restored by the National Trust and are open to visitors from Thursday to Sunday, so we missed the chance to see inside.
The houses had a parlour, bedroom, and store room. Being cut into the rock meant they were cool in summer and warm in winter.

7 miles, 7 locks, 1 tunnel


  1. The houses are fascinating! I'd love to see inside.

  2. Yes, it was a shame to miss that chance. Perhaps we will return one day.