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Friday, 7 October 2011

More of the Monty

Making the return journey along the Monty.....
This imposing building was canal offices at the Maesbury wharf alongside what is now the navigation inn, once the canal warehouse. (don't seem to have photo)
 Approaching the tiny settlement of Heath Houses, under the turnover bridge into the narrow wharf area,
 where there is this fine brick and timber warehouse building.
Just beyond this point there is the unnavigable arm leading to Rednal Basin, still in water, but sadly no boats.

 Along the way there are these distinctive Monty mile posts. Some have been sponsored by individuals or as in the case of this one dedicated to a loved ones memory.
Most of the elderberries have gone from the hedges now, but at Aston locks there was a bush with these delicious fat berries just waiting for me!
a bowl was quickly filled and overflowing, and later after de-sprigging (is that a word? think it should be) I had a bowl like this.

 Earlier I had found crab apples and then later sloes too, so at the end of the day I had this little lot to do something with.
I'll keep you posted.
So the Montgomery Canal, lovely to cruise, locks work nicely, some interesting history, more restoration work happening, and very fruitful too.

At the top of Frankton locks we were back on the Llangollen Canal and made our way to Chirk,
crossing the aqueduct and through the tunnel where we stopped for the night in the wooded cutting. 

There was no signal in the cutting, so have got a bit behind in posting blogs.

14 miles, 10 locks, 1 tunnel


  1. I hope you took the opportunity of eating at The Navigation in Maesbury Marsh -- the food was excellent when we went there last year. We were enchanted by the Monty altogether.

  2. 'fraid we didn't, we looked through the window and drooled!
    Se liked the Monty too, perhaps we shall return and 'do' a bit more one day.