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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Unusually I only took one photo yesterday as we travelled from Worcester to Hanbury Wharf. It was another beautiful day, with some lovely scenery and 14 locks on the way.
This was the photo of the day.
9 miles, 14 locks, 1 tunnel

This morning we started out along the newly opened Droitwich Canal, going down the locks with help from the lock-keeper.  There are side ponds to help save water which is a rarity nowadays. Just below the 3rd lock is the site of the huge Droitwich marina, dug out and with mooring pontoons going in.
The next locks were a newly built staircase of two. Then the canal takes a new route and goes under the M5 in a narrow tunnel.
The canal runs through Droitwich in a linear park, Vines Park, quite attractively with three swing bridges linking the housing and church area with the main part of town.
 Droitwich is again a salt manufacturing town, like Middlewich, Nantwich etc.
Salt making statue
The canals (Barge canal and Junction canal) were therefore built to transport salt produced from the natural brine springs in the town. Droitwich barges were wide and travelled down to the River Severn where they went under sail to Bristol.
Circular weir
The canal is often lined with reeds, so looks a bit rivery. The light this evening was lovely.
Taken at 16.50pm still wonderful blue skies as the sun begins to go down.
This shot was J's idea.  Good one J.
At the last lock of the day at Porters Mill the autumn colours were fantastic.
6 miles, 13 locks, 1 tunnel

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  1. I do love your evening photos. The light, as you say, was lovely!