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Monday, 9 April 2012

Entertaining Visitors

Last week was a busy one with various family members coming to stay or popping by for a while. Last Monday our son came and joined for a few days, meeting us at Paddington and staying with us as we made our way up the River Lee to Hertford.
On Thursday we also met up with Ian's brother and his wife at Ware, we had lunch together and a short cruise down to Stanstead Abbots, where they hopped off the boat and onto a train to get back to their car.
Later on Thursday my brother and nephew came and joined us for a few days on our journey up the River Stort. We met them at Roydon, and have been up to Bishop's Stortford and back. It's been great having their company and help with the locks. T is a brilliant cabin boy helping with gates, paddles and washing up too!
Working the locks

Having fun

So over the past few days I have taken less pictures and so far not posted any of the Lee and Stort, but I shall try to catch up soon.


  1. My husband used to fish the Lee and we walked there sometimes, around Ware and Broxbourne. It's a lovely river valley.

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  3. It is lovely, we have enjoyed seeing it again after about 10 years.