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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Monday, 30 April 2012


Day 3 - Weyting at Weybridge
(pictures from Along the Wey, which did not make the blog)

A lovely sunshiny day, and no rain!
Yesterday we decided that even if today was dry there was no wey the river flow would be slower, so we would not be able to move.

Therefore we caught a train and made our wey to Sidcup to see Ian's Mum.

Jumble has to come with us when we travel awey from the boat and is really good travelling on trains, however weyting outside when we take Mum out to lunch is a different matter.

Today we went to the butchers on the wey and having a bone to chew helps!
We got back to Tacet at 6 o'clock, the boat that was moored behind us has gone, but I guess not down the river.


  1. Oh no -- you've been infected by all those boats on the Wey whose names contain a pun on the word Wey!

  2. How many times did you have to go back and correct your spelling of 'wey'. If I write a text for children to correct (e.g. add apostrophes) I am always having to re-track and remove the ones which I have written in by habit!

    I'm learning that you need quite a high level of patience to journey by nb. At least you could go out by train. Are you still moored near the road?

    1. We stayed by the road, it's not too busy, and it's quite nice seeing the coming and going of children to school and others to work.

  3. Ian and Karen - The Trust are saying Red Boards until the weekend I am afraid - much like the Thames which is Red Boards all the way to Lechlade now. There's a photo here ( of Walsham Gates weir taken yesterday which just shows the volume that's coming down the river section and straight out under the bridge at Weybridge. If the boat behind you was Phoenix it is now moored at the Pelican Pub - 300 meters back up the navigation.

    Are you OK for water and things like that?