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Monday, 23 April 2012

Wet,Wet, Wet

Today we have had rain all day. I know we need it, I'm not really complaining. But we have had more rain in the last week than we have had over the past year since we have been living on Tacet.
Nevertheless we set off this morning to take another look around Guildford, and walked to the Cathedral, quite a trek and uphill as it is set up high overlooking the town.
It is a modern brick built building, completed in 1961,  though started in the 30's, with not much ornamentation outside or in.

It was very light inside, with wide nave designed so that from every seat  you can see the high altar. I didn't really like it, though it is representative of the period.
Then dodging puddles and spray from passing traffic we came back down into the town and up the other side to the castle.

The remains of the keep on the hill has an exhibition inside and pretty gardens all around.  With a good view across the city to the Cathedral,
although rather dull in the rain today. After a quick visit to the Guildford Museum we made our way back to Tacet where we lit the fire and settled down with our books for the afternoon.


  1. The castle is far more attractive then the cathedral, which looks rather stark and suggestive of ritual rather than relationship (though the building doesn't necessarily dictate what actually happens :) ).

    Lovely to be able to curl up with a book in the warmth of Tacet!

  2. Hi, I contacted the owner of Yeoford and you would be allowed to bring the dog :). You would be most welcome but we will.need to know in the next few days what you decide. Amy