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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sailing the Thames

After lunch today it was time to get out the anchor, don the life-jackets, batten down the hatches, ok we don't have any hatches to batten down.....but I did do the washing and drying up, putting everything away in the we took Tacet out of Limehouse Basin on an outgoing tide to go down river to the Great Thames Barrier.  The water was pretty calm, but there was a cold wind. As we took the bend at Greenwich it became quite choppy, also as the various trip boats came past us we felt the after-shocks! We had a very good trip though turning just after we had been through the barrier and making the return trip back to the safety of Limehouse. Just about 3 hours. Lots of photos......hope you enjoy the trip too!
Canary Wharf as we turned onto the Thames
A few older buildings including 'The Grapes' pub (with beach)
the view down river with Tacet's lamp (proof we were really there!)
Canary Wharf again
Sir John McDougall Gardens
loved these old steps rising out of the water
one of the fast Thames Clippers zooming by
first sighting of Greenwich
Deptford Creek
Cutty Sark
Royal Naval College, Greenwich
one of the towers for Boris' cable car
In the distance - Shooter's Hill
Barrier  Ahead
Can't go through that one!
The magnificent piers or fins housing the works
Tate & Lyle factory, still using the river
back through the barrier
Bow Creek
Canary Wharf again
O2 centre or Millennium Dome if you prefer
a glimpse of The Shard
Now where's Limehouse gone?
safely back in the lock with the gates closing behind us
filling up
and into the Basin again
Tomorrow we have an early start, catching the tide at 7.30 to take us up river this time to Brentford. Hope you enjoyed the journey today, join us again tomorrow!

12 miles, 2 locks


  1. Wonderful, I would love to do the Tideway one day. Have you seen this photo of Tacet, with the O2 in the background, taken from the bank by Tim Lewis on Canalworld:

  2. Thanks Amy,
    Will get in touch with Tim to see if we can have a copy. That was one of our wishes that we could have pics of Tacet on the Thames. Great to see especially in front of O2. Maybe someone spotted us today going under Tower Bridge!!!

  3. Lovely stretch of river! There is a great indoor market at Greenwich, full of stalls selling crafts and hot foods from around the world.

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