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Friday, 13 April 2012

Random River Stort

Just a collection of photos from our time on the River Stort, over the Easter weekend. We had a real mix of weather, sharp frost, hot sun, rain and dark clouds. We enjoyed having visitors too with us. The Stort is quite different from the Lee, narrower and more windy, and very pretty with the spring blossom and new leaves on the trees. There are pretty lock cottages, lots of mills, very low bridges and villages with lovely names on the way to Bishop's Stortford, the limit of the navigation.
The lock cottage at Brick lock. The navigation was once owned by a George Duckett and the plaque over the door shows his ownership.
This was from another cottage at Sheering Mill, Sawbridgeworth.  George Duckett also built the Hertford Union Canal joining the Lee to the Regent's Canal sometimes known as Duckett's.
Along the way there is a lot of nature reserves and some lovely old meadow lands.  Also areas for water sports and other outdoor activities. Here were climbing walls, abseiling towers, canoeing,
with high rope walks too. Looked good fun, but we didn't see anyone using them.

Around Parndon Mill, now an arts centre and exhibition, there were sculpture works to be spotted. This says: 1769 The River Stort open to navigation flowing into the Lea and onwards to the Thames then out to the sea and so to ports of the world.
I liked this bridge, taking the towpath over the weir, it was made of iron with glass patterned with flowers, twigs and things.
Very clever and attractive with the light shining through some ot them.
Here the lovely old mill building, restored but not overdone, and the very elegant mill house beside it, complete with working style narrowboat Saltheart moored in front, just right.
Pigs (not in clover) but a very grassy field, either they've not been there long or it's just been too dry for them to have made it muddy!  Can you shield your eyes from the sun with your ears?  He can.
Mmmm someone wasn't concentrating! 
Into Bishop's Stortford under the lovely winding footbridge looking rather like a giant spider!

And so we have travelled up the Lee and the Stort and will return now to London and Limehouse Basin from where we shall venture out onto the Thames when the tide is right.

Rivers Lee and Stort from Hertford Union Junction over 2 weeks
89 miles, 72 locks


  1. 2 weeks, 89 miles and 72 locks. If this is a gap year and a half, how will you ever settle back? You can't do it you'll go crazy.

  2. Think perhaps we're already crazy!

  3. That 'cill' marker made me chuckle!

    The iron and glass bridge is lovely, but my lads would snort over the 'climbing wall' :)