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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Last leg of the Tideway

We woke up to the sound of wind and rain this morning, which didn't bode well for our final trip on the tidal Thames.
our Brentford mooring outside the BW offices (sign on door not changed yet!)
We weren't due to go through Thames lock until 11.15, two hours before high tide which would then take us up to Teddington lock and off the tidal water. So there was time to use the services, walk Jumble and visit the River for a quick recce, oh dear...

Half an hour before we leave and there's just mud below the lock!
on the mud at the boatyard
a great variety of boats here at MSO Marine, in various stages of build or repair.
Nevertheless by the time we got down to Thames lock and been let down by the friendly lady lock-keeper the tide had come up enough and we were soon back out on the Thames.

 Our first view up river today and look the sun is shining now and the wind has dropped.
NB Oliver's Dreams came out with us and was soon in front.
Planes overhead coming into Heathrow
Richmond half-tide lock, moveable weir and footbridge, the barriers just visible along the water line, holding the tide.
But at high tide they are raised, the barriers lift
right out of the water
and rotate up above
and we pass through. A great piece of Victorian engineering, built in 1894.
Heronry at Eel Pie Island, Twickenham
Richmond Bridge
Richmond Hill
Those clouds look a bit threatening, but the tree colours are amazing against them.
A bit of a contrast to the view of Richmond Hill behind us, looks like a Coot's nest, a recycled mix of rubbish!
Oh dear, is it coming this way?
Main House or Boat House?
Yes the rain came down,
Just as we got to Teddington lock.
But by the time we were leaving the sun was out again. We moored up for lunch and a walk round the nature reserve, hung up the washing which had been done on the journey and then were ready to set off again.
We wanted to stop at Hampton Court, all the free overnight moorings alongside the Palace were taken,
So we went up the lock and have had to pay (grrrr) for the night. We will go to visit tomorrow.
A shorter day for us today, after the mammoth day yesterday, (I just totalled up the lock miles! No wonder I slept like a baby).
There was time to make Chocolate Fudge Cake, yummm.
Limehouse Basin - Brentford - Bull's Bridge - Brentford
26 miles, 23 locks, Phew (In 11 hours, inc Tesco shop)

Brentford - Hampton Court
10 miles, 4 locks


  1. You 2 are mad, life is slower round the M25!!!

    1. He,he thought you might say that. It's not that we are really in a hurry, we just like being on the move. But we shall be going a bit slower along the Wey.

  2. The Richmond barriers are a very clever piece of engineering!

    You've certainly been moving around. Twenty three locks sounds like backbreaking effort!

    1. As you will see from the next post we had help on the way back.