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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Trip to the Vets

I seem to have got a bit behind again, been spending the evenings reading or knitting instead of blogging.
Sunday was a beautifully sunny and warm day, so after joining the town of Tewkesbury at the memorial cross for their Remembrance Day Service and then on to the Baptist Church, we were glad to be able to cruise further up the river with the sun on our backs.  We worked through just one lock, Strensham, with a very heavy swing bridge just below the lock, made more difficult by the layer of silt; soft, sticky mud left from recent high river levels.
We moored up just through the old, worn, red sandstone bridge at Eckington.
taken from web
Monday morning was wet and miserable, but boaters do it in all weathers - so we set off regardless, aiming to get to Pershore. Jumble did not have a good morning, sick several times, never managing to get off the boat! Generally feeling rather sorry for himself, and NOT EATING!!! Unheard of.
By the time we arrived at Pershore the rain had stopped and leaving Jumble in peace to recover we set off around the town.
Pershore's old packhorse bridge
Pershsore Abbey

The visitor moorings are alongside the playing fields and behind the Leisure Centre, there are also services, water and loo emptying facilities, a new addition since last year.

When we returned, Jumble was not at all well, his breathing seemed distressed, we got him out onto the grass where he just laid down and could not be persuaded back. In the end we had to lift him back in. Although panting as though hot, he would not drink and just lay so still.  We began to be very worried. 
 Fortunately a veterinary surgery was not far away, but how to get him there?  A stretcher was cobbled together from Ian's old coat and the poles from the tv aerial, and we tried that............  Jumble was not impressed! He then surprised us by managing to walk very, very slowly and eventually we made it to the surgery and the waiting room.
We were seen by a lovely man who took great care over examining him and listening to us, we think he may have eaten something disgusting (perhaps left by fishermen) when we let him out for a wee the night before. So he was given 3 injections, vitamin B, anti-emetic, and anti-biotics, and another appointment for this morning.  We couldn't get him to drink all evening or overnight, then this morning he started to have some, then he soon began to look a bit better. By the time we got to the vet we were happy that he was returning to his old self again, he was growling at the other patients in the waiting room!  He was dismissed with more anti-biotics and fresh cooked chicken and rice on the menu for the next few days.  We are left with a hole in the bank account, but so pleased to see him better.  It's the first time we have ever taken him  to the vet apart from routine jabs in 11 years, so we can't complain.  It would be nice to think he has learnt his lesson about eating anything and everything he can, but I don't suppose that will change!
Our journey today brought us to Evesham, another town with an Abbey, here the bells are ringing out the tune of Loch Lomond every hour.

Tewkesbury - Eckington
8 miles, 1 lock

Eckington - Pershore
6 miles, 2 locks

Pershore - Evesham
11 miles, 3 locks


  1. If its been raining the flow will be a bit fast as you press on through to Stratford - particularly just below the locks. Glad to see Jumble back on his feet.

  2. I'm so glad that Jumble is ok - these hounds are a worry!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream