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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Yesterday we arrived in Stratford having made our way up from Bidford, quite slowly in some places as Tacet ploughed against the flow of the river.  It's always a relief to be back on the canals again, although the rivers have been fine, on green all the time. However the evidence of recent high levels are to be seen all along; silted up lock landings, banks littered with debris and weirs with 'stuff' caught on them.  We've not seen any other boats travelling for days, but here in Bancroft basin the trip boat has been busy going out onto the river every hour for a trip up river a little way then down to the first river lock to turn round and back into the basin.  Today it has been full each time we have seen it.  There is also a restaurant boat, an art gallery, an ice cream boat and baguette barge, so there is plenty going on and lots of visitors all around.

We visited most of the tourist sights last year when we were here, and got Shakespeared out. So this morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before tackling 'jobs'; cleaning inside and out, brass polishing and some baking. 
We haven't been up the tower before (part of the newly modernised Royal Shakespeare Theatre complex) so since the fog and mist of the last few days had gone and the day was reasonably bright we paid the £2.50 ticket price and got to the top.
The views were great, over the town and along the river.
towards Warwick
back towards Evesham
across Bancroft Basin
Tacet just visible between the trees
Bidford - Stratford
8.5 miles, 6 locks


  1. Did you know that the river is navigable for a couple of miles above Stratford? I havn't tried it but one of these days....

    1. Yes we went up that way last year as far as we could. see here