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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Back down the Severn

Our time in Gloucester and along the canal has come to an end. We have enjoyed retracing our steps cruise down to Sharpness, exploring the little villages, the glorious views, the calm and quiet.
As we couldn't get through Victoria dock and onto the River Severn until today, we took time this week away from Tacet to visit Ian's mum and brother, and our son.  
Yesterday we were able to take advantage of the closeness of Sainsbury's and had a saunter around the bookshops and antique shops of Gloucester. 

Today we were off at 8am through Llanthony Bridge into Victoria dock waiting for the bridge/lock keeper to catch up and get the lock ready.
Across the dock all was quiet and peaceful at such an early hour on an autumn Saturday morning.
Narrowboat Chloe was waiting too, being moved from Saul to Droitwich for her owners, we worked through the lock together and 3 hours later through Upper Lode lock too.
After which we went separate ways, as we turned onto the River Avon and the town of Tewkesbury.

Gloucester - Tewkesbury
13 miles, 3 locks


  1. Whats the Avon like? - it looked like chocolate soup when we crossed on Thursday (M5)

    1. It's ok. Not flowing too fast or high, so should not be any problem getting up to Stratford.
      Beautiful weather to enjoy it today.