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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Deep and Wide

First thing to do this morning was check on the river levels.  There had been no more rain, but as it takes time for water to drain down the river had been rising all night.
The current was strong and swirling as it came through the arched bridges.
Hardly any of the red board left now.
The river is the same level as the basin and canal the other side of the lock.
Not many boats would fit under there today.

Creeping over the recreation ground.
The bandstand has become an island, with the swans enjoying a new lake to explore.

The beach at Bancroft Gardens.
But all is peaceful and calm in the basin.  However more rain is forecast and if the river rises more it will be over the lock gates making the basin level rise too.  As there is a low bridge leaving the basin and up the Stratford canal we decided to move on today rather than tomorrow, getting up a few locks and so to safer ground water.

So we have left the delights of Stratford-on-Avon and tonight we are away from the lights and sounds of the town, it is dark, windy and very wet.  But we are tucked up warm and cosy in our lovely boaty home.

2 miles, 5 locks

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  1. It would seem that you moved just in time. I've seen photos of a rather flooded Stratford!

    NB Mary H