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Monday, 3 December 2012

CRT to the rescue!

CRT or the Canal and River Trust is the new body looking after the canals and rivers.

At this time of year they are busy working on locks, bridges and aqueducts to keep them in good repair for all the boaters using them.  They publish a programme of works on the web and post notices up alongside the waterways.  We have been keeping a close eye to work out where we can cruise and where to avoid.
As we left Stratford last week we knew we had to get through Lock 26 before they started work on Monday last week and then wait for them to finish Lock 23 on Friday, hoping to get through to Kingswood Junction and onto the Grand Union.

All that seemed ok and we planned to go to visit our daughter whilst we were unable to move.
However when we got here to Lapworth last week it was clear work was already happening at Lock 24 as well, although not scheduled to start 'til today. And the word on the ground was it would not be finished until the 14th.
Phone calls were made! E-mails were sent! 
It was acknowledged that a mistake has been made and a very nice CRT man, John, called to see us today, asking how they can help us as we really shall be here for another two weeks.
We can walk up to the services to deal with the loo, and rubbish. But we can't get to water, so they will bring us 4x20 litre water containers every day if we need them.
We were hoping to get the boat to a boatyard to have some work done on the engine, and after making enquiries Ian has found a local chap who will come out and take away the parts to work on them while we are sitting here.  BUT this would mean we can't run the engine to charge the batteries to keep the fridge and lights running. We explained this to the lovely John and he quickly agreed to bring us a generator too!
So today we think CRT could be Coming to Rescue Tacet!

We are getting to know Lapworth and its surroundings very well. There is a small village shop keeping us supplied with papers, milk and chocolate.  We can get a bus into Warwick for more shopping.  So we have everything we need. It will be lesson in patience for us.


  1. Looks like you are well looked after, the locks where in a sorry state when we went up and down there in October.

  2. Hi Ian and Karen
    On one of your trips to Warwick, if you are anywhere near Bridge 49 on the Grand Union, please give 'Futurest' and I a visit. We are moored at Kate Boats.
    All the best while being marooned.

    1. Thanks Peter,
      Although in Warwick today we just did the Tesco thing to stock up the cupboards. Will probably be travelling down through Warwick once we get moving, so will certainly stop to say hello then.