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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Proper Cold

Today has been 'Proper Cold'. It was very cold overnight, and  this morning as we poked our noses out of the duvet, we quickly snuggled back down and just reached out to turn the central heating on. We don't often use it, but that extra boost is nice sometimes.
Even so when we got up the thermometer in the lounge was still only 8'.  With the fire opened up it didn't take long to get a bit warmer.  
The wind was cold and the temperature didn't rise outside much.
icy canal

brightly burning fire

hungry ducks

So we spent much of the day inside. Tacet has been cleaned, polished and tidied inside. The oven is sparkling again, and been put to use again, baking peanut cookies, ginger cake and plum tart.
yummy warm food


  1. It is 'proper cold'. Brr. Even in a 'proper house' - ha! I'm glad you have your cosy fire, especially if you're stuck there for a few days.

  2. The book arrived - Christmas reading - thanks. Assuming you are aware of this:
    Hi All
    Sorry but the Guillotine Lock on the North Stratford needs more work doing than was at first thought so it will be closed to navigation until 21st December as will the tow path.
    All the best

    1. I think when we do break free, we will be heading South on the Grand Union so that won't affect us. But I'm sure there will be other unscheduled delays somewhere!