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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Jus' Chillin'

Well we don't have much choice actually. 
We can't move, and the temperature has got to no more than 2'C today.  It has been another beautiful white frosty day, the fog lifted and a weak wintry sun shone through for a bit this morning. 

There was frost inside Tacet too this morning!

Jumble and I enjoyed a good walk to the shop and back along the old unclassified County road, collecting ivy and holly on the way.  There are not many berries and any I did see I left for the birds.

So now I have added some more Christmas decorations around Tacet. We got a little Christmas tree in Sainsbury's yesterday (it was the shopping bus day), and with bits of gold and red ribbon purchased from the market on Saturday, plus the lights we had last year and a few holographic stars and baubles(actually present labels)hanging from the greenery we are now feeling very festive.

The smell of homemade mince pies is adding the pleasure of being in our little Christmas Idyll.

Richard and his helper have been back doing 'things' to the engine, but have not finished and will be back tomorrow.  It was so cold for them out there today, we did our best providing hot drinks and hot dogs to keep them going. 
Tomorrow we should find out if the work is finished on the locks, but with the amount of ice on the canal we may still be staying put. Hey ho!


  1. This has slowed you down!
    You've caused a fuss on Matilda Rose tonight. Graham wanted to start decorating our boat a few days ago and I told him it was still too early. Looks like I'll have to start on the mince pies now - it's all your fault

    1. It's certainly been a lesson in patience for us, 3 weeks in the same place!
      Nothing like mince pies to feel more Christmassy.

  2. If you have to be stuck, it's nice to be in a picturesque spot - though everywhere looks special and different with frost all over it. In town it's not quite so cold but we had freezing fog all day today. Brr.