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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Creating Things to Do

Finding things to do while we are stationary here in Market Drayton is necessary to keep our minds and bodies busy.  

A walk into town for a newspaper, exercises Jumble and gives good value with reading material and the puzzle pages which get shared out between us.

The feeding station fixed up with fat balls and peanuts gives entertainment watching the antics of the blue tits, great tits, and long tailed tits from the neighbourhood.

Sanding down and varnishing the table and wood surrounds of the kitchen worktops has improved the look and condition of both.

Time spent sewing, crocheting and knitting provides warm lap covers while working on them and the projects are growing.  The patchwork quilt top is complete with over 1,000 hexagon shapes, just the side panels and backing to sort out now.

The jewel granny squares blanket is bright and jolly, increasing daily.

With socks and mittens knitted in wonderful patterned wool, never knowing how it is going to turn out.

And so the days pass.............. 


  1. Keep it up! I'e had some lovely comments about my hat :-)

    Linda x

  2. jill, Contented Souls24 January 2013 at 08:23

    So that's Ian kept nice and busy. What are you up to Karen? xxoo