Narrowboat Tacet

Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Snow Flurries

Well we decided to stay.  Again it is very cold and this morning it was snowing, so although the canal is not frozen we decided not to move.

The other day in Gnosall I picked up some seville oranges from the greengrocer, so this morning I made marmalade. After the sticky job of chopping orange flesh and thinly slicing the peel, Tacet was filled with the delicious smell of orangey sweetness.

I cooked this all for over an hour to soften the peel, but didn't read the recipe properly and didn't reduce  it down before adding the sugar, so although I managed to get it to set, it is a bit thin for homemade marmalade, never mind it will get eaten and enjoyed, I'm sure.

It was a cold winter walk down to the town of Market Drayton this afternoon, meeting the crowds of schoolchildren leaving the senior school and enjoying the flurries of snow falling.  We were glad to get back to our warm cabin.


  1. I think you may have several days when you decide not to move. Stay toastie and warm!

    1. I think you're right, seems to be a good place to be stuck though.