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Friday, 4 January 2013

Wandering in Warwick

Today we had a leisurely wander around Warwick, although it seems we have been to the town several times recently, (whilst we were stuck in Lapworth) on those occasions we had travelled in by bus and only had time to do the necessary shopping before getting the bus back again.  Today we walked into town and had time on our hands.
First stop St Nicholas Park, along the banks of the river Avon, although a bit bare in its winter state, there are signs of life if you look closely amongst the fallen leaves.

This carved 'totem' pole looked so good with the sun shining on it. There were birds, animals, leaves and flowers carved out of the tree trunk.

The owl was my favourite.

With the bird of prey on the top.

We still haven't visited the castle (it's rather expensive) though we got a good view from the park.  A motte and bailey castle was built here by William the Conqueror in 1068.  It has seen many changes since being rebuilt in stone in the 12th century, fortified in the 14th century and in the 17th century becoming the country house of the Greville family who in turn became earls of Warwick. 
A closer view from the road, but peering through the branches,
On the way into the town we passed through the East Gate with a lovely Victorian pillar box standing beside it.
The town has a West Gate too, and close to these are some very old buildings all that remain of the town from before the Great Fire which broke out in 1694. 

We moved up the two Cape of Good Hope locks this afternoon ready to tackle the upward climb of the Hatton flight tomorrow.

1 mile, 2 locks


  1. Hi Ian and Karen,
    You must have passed me by once more, while I was out for the day yet again. I'm usually here all the time. It's sods law. So sorry! I wonder where you are off to now? All the best for 2013

  2. Hi Peter, We did try on Thursday afternoon but the boat yard gates were already closed by 4.30, and we could see smoke coming from your chimney, thought about throwing stones from across the canal.......!?!
    Tried again on Friday, but you were gone! Sorry we missed you again. One day.......
    Take care