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Monday, 7 January 2013

Long Flights

Our lock mileage was lower than average during December due to the stoppage at Lapworth and our trip home for Christmas, we're doing a bit better so far this month at least with the lock numbers.
On Saturday we started the climb up the Hatton Flight, 21 locks, the weather was bright, dry, still and not cold, a brilliant winter's day cruising.  Still there was no-one else going up so we worked the flight on our own, meeting one other boat on the way down and for the last few locks we had help from a volunteer lock-keeper.
Middle of flight - keep going

Looking back to Warwick

Once at the top we carried on through Shrewley Tunnel and a heavy shower of rain!  After the heavy rains of the last months, a great deal of water was seeping through from the ground above.  So although we have had no rain all year........ inside the tunnel was very wet!

We stopped once again in Lapworth at Kingswood Junction for Sunday and returned to Lees Chapel once more for their services. It was good to share with them again.

Today we have been climbing again, up the Lapworth flight, narrow locks now along the North Stratford Canal heading up to Birmingham.
Looking back
A favourite canalside house, shame it's not for sale!

This afternoon we stopped at Hockley Heath.  We haven't stopped here before, as Nicholson's guide says it's an unremarkable village, except perhaps for the car showroom............
with names like McLaren and Rolls Royce the other side of the window.

Warwick to Kingswood Junction
7 miles, 21 locks, 1 tunnel

Kingswood Junction - Hockley Heath
3 miles, 19 locks, 2 bridges

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