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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I’ve got a bug!


But before you get too worried, I’m sure it will not last long, it’s that recurring cleaning bug I suffer from just occasionally………

Tacet was well overdue a good clean through, the cabin was looking untidy, everything was dusty, the spiders have been busy, and the floor was suffering from neglect and a wet Jumble coming and going……..

So in between locks and the many bridges along the South Yorks. Nav. I set to with the brush & dustpan, duster, polish and glass cleaner, and woe betide anyone who doesn’t put things away tidily or forgets to wipe his feet now!

P1030632 P1030633

Just after leaving the Stainforth & Keady Canal, on the New Junction canal we come to an aqueduct with guillotine gates each end.  This is the start of a 5.5 mile of dead straight canal, the monotony broken by a series of swing and lift bridges and one enormous lock.

P1010281 P1010288 





At the end of the New Junction Canal is another aqueduct and this footbridge before we took the left turn onto the Aire & Calder Navigation.

(some of these pictures taken in 2011)



 P1030638 P1030639 P1030641 P1030644

At Pollington we stopped to take a walk and stretch our legs, the village is a long stretched out run of houses, old and new mixed together. 

At the lock, another huge one, with 3 sets of gates to allow either for enormous tankers to go through or to make a shorter version for modest boats like ours to go through.  The paddles are the ‘nodding donkey kind’.


P1030635 P1030636

This swingbridge is kept open but is operated by the farmer to get to his land over the other side, it is pulled into position by turning the capston which winds the chains.

Thorne – Whitley

15.5 miles, 4 locks, 10 bridges

And finally,




Last night’s sunset at Thorne,






                                  and tonight’s at Whitley lock.



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