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Friday, 16 August 2013

Sowerby Bridge



Our first view of Sowerby Bridge as we entered on the Calder & Hebble to the wonderful Wharf, straight ahead of us.  The wharf buildings are complete and well kept and are listed to protect the whole area and keep alive the industrial history of the canal and the town.

The Rochdale Canal joins here, just turning to the left behind the flats on the left of the picture.

So are you ready for a tour of the wharf………

………… just imagine the sights, sounds and smells of hammers on metal in the workshops, the horses hooves on the cobbles, the loading and unloading of raw wool and cotton made up textiles, salt, wood and corn.



The Porters lodge at the edge of the road entrance into the wharf.





This building was the Toll House or Weigh House, you can see a replica weighbridge platform outside.






The Agent’s House with stables were built for the manager of the Calder & Hebble Navigation.







The Bolton Brow Methodist Church backs onto the wharf, with the Assembly Hall joined alongside.




The Salt Warehouse named for one of the types of cargo carried along the navigation.






Number 4 warehouse had an internal wet dock and numerous doors through which goods could be lifted to and from wagons. Cranes and pulleys were used to hoist the loads.  You can just see a crane on the left of the building.





Another warehouse now functioning as a restaurant, cafe, and gym.



P1030866 P1030867

P1030870 P1030871



Chain bridge, at the entrance to the basin. It is so called as the Calder & Hebble owners prohibited trade on a Sunday and so a chain was fixed across the navigation at this point.

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