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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Yorkshire Towns and Villages


It’s so good to be back in Yorkshire, we do love the views, the hills, the rivers, the stone built towns and villages, the local, warm, friendly dialect.

So since my last post we have enjoyed visiting some of the towns and villages along the Calder & Hebble and on into Huddersfield.

P1030724 P1030725

We took the short arm up to Saville Town Basin and Dewsbury, and were glad we made that choice, it’s about a 1 mile walk from the basin to the town where we just had a wander around the market, a large open market with a wide variety of stalls, lots of unique, individual shops, and Victorian arcades.

P1030719 P1030721 P1030722 P1030723 



The large town hall is an imposing presence in the centre of the town,






                  with a sculpture depicting the Good Samaritan outside.






Back on the mainline, the lock is just beyond the bridge at the entrance to the arm, too tight to turn, so Ian took Tacet back to turn along the cut, and we met up with another boat, just fitting into the short locks together with a bit of a wriggle to close the gates.



The next stop was Mirfield, where there is a Lidl, Co-op and Tesco all within the toss of a windlass from the canalside, and welcoming signs at the moorings from the parish council. Seem to have left the camera off here though!

We stopped at Cooper Bridge on Friday night at the junction of the Huddersfield Broad Canal with the Calder & Hebble.



First bowl of blackberries picked at Dewsbury basin.





On Saturday we worked up the 9 locks into Huddersfield,

P1030729 P1030731

first passing the new weir which was under construction when we came this way last year.




Looking up to the hills.




Into town………..

P1030733 P1030734 P1030737 P1030738 P1030739


…….around the shops and markets, enjoying the sights and smells of the food festival at St. Georges Square outside the railway station.



P1030745 P1030748

Moored by Sainsbury’s with a view of the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill.

Friday & Saturday

Horbury Bridge to Huddersfield, 11.5 miles, 18 locks

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