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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Monday, 2 January 2012

Blue Sky Dreaming

Wow what a wonderful day. A bit cooler than the last few days but glorious sunshine and those blue skies....
Fosse locks

There were a flock of birds, I know not what variety, which seemed to just hang in the sky before turning and swooping away.  My aim with camera held high was not too good, but you get the idea.
As we got to the last lock of the day, Radford Bottom Lock, the view of Tacet coming under the railway bridge was framed nicely by the  arch.
Offchurch Way Railway Bridge

We moored up at Leamington Spa, sorry, Royal Leaming Spa, where we all chilled out and relaxed....
Caught napping!

While I finished the boaty jigsaw Dad found for me. Started on Friday evening, finished Monday, he says it must have been an easy one! Do you recognise the scene?

7 miles, 10 locks


  1. The photo is a bit small for a proper look -- but I think it's Trevor basin. The picture must have been taken a long time ago, because it's years since Anglo Welsh boats had that colour scheme!

  2. You're right Adam, it is Trevor, and yes it looked very different when we were there in October, nevertheless still recognisable. Well done.