Narrowboat Tacet

Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Saturday, 14 January 2012


We arrived in Oxford yesterday afternoon, a short cruise from Thrupp.
Duke's Cut Junction

Here we could have taken the turn through the lock just out of sight on the left to the Thames but we wanted to go down to Isis lock and closer to the town. This is looking back at the lock we had just come down.
We are moored opposite the boarded up Old Jericho Boatyard and St Barnabas Church.
In the evening our son, studying at Oxford Brookes, and 3 friends came and joined us on Tacet for a meal.

6 miles, 4 locks, 3 bridges

This morning, after a clear and very cold night, as the sun came up, the view along the canal in front of us was stunning.

amazing light

cruchy, frosty grass

frost patterns all around

We have done a bit of exploring and met up with J again for lunch.
Oh! and we've got the good camera back in use, as J brought the charger back from Sussex with him.  Hooray. More photos tomorrow.


  1. Ooh - I love the sunlight over Jericho photo, one for a competition I think.

  2. I'm with Captain A - it's stunning. How are you coping with St B's church bells and the trains shunting? Jill

  3. Thanks Andy,
    Rather pleased with it myself. Just loving all this winter sunshine.

  4. Hi Jill,
    Bells seem much louder at night than daytime!. No we're ok, really, can sleep through most things.