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Thursday, 26 January 2012


On Wednesday we moved down from Abingdon to Dorchester, we can't get much further as there is a stoppage at Benson lock until March.
Dorchester is about 1 mile from the river, so we walked across the fields through Bronze age burial mounds to the lovely village.
Man of the houses are thatched, with lots of footpaths weaving round and in between them. We followed one path and were a bit stumped when it seemed to come to an end in someone's garden and driveway. We retraced our steps and went another way then found the end of the path again,
The end of the drive...
with the footpath sign to confirm,

Just go through the door!  Its great!

Dorchester Abbey, a grand parish church, with cloisters,

Ancient little doorway,
Quaint old cottage amongst the gravestones

and snowdrops, lovely.

7 miles, 2 locks

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