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Sunday, 8 January 2012


Only a day behind now!
Another lovely sunny day yesterday, Saturday, perfect winter cruising, perfect for locks.
We headed towards Napton locks and after a quick stop for supplies, milk and the Times, oh and emptying the loo, we were off up the flight of 9 locks up to Marston Doles.
winding round the hill, with the windmill always in sight

Previously we have seen a side variety of animals in this field sloping down to the canal, today there was only Shetland ponies, lots of Shetland ponies!

Great views of Napton as we ascended the locks, here you can just make out the windmill, the village lies round the hill to the right. Travelling south, looking into the sun I had to get the sunglasses out, as steering the boat into the locks was quite tricky just a looked a big black blur.
We moored up at Fenny Compton for the night, with  walk into the village to check out church times for the morning. Think we'll go to the Methodist Church at 10.30.

10 miles, 9 locks

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