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Friday, 3 May 2013

A Leisure Cruise

Thursday 2nd May
After all our exertions of the day before our start today was leisurely, very much so.  We had a walk into Devizes where the street market was bustling, giving a happy, cheery atmosphere to the town. 

The day ahead was a leisurely cruise with no locks for about 13 miles.  Our neighbours James and Doug has already gone when we finally had got ourselves organised.

With no locks it was a good washing day, and soon all the bedding was hanging out at the front of the boat getting blown in the breeze as we travelled along.

We were enjoying the beautiful countryside, especially the Marlborough Downs which reminded us of the South Downs near our Sussex home.  It was quiet and peaceful, no busy road nearby, and plenty of birdsong in the air.

It's all getting greener by the day. I think you could almost see the leaves opening out in the sun today.
By the time we reached Wootten Rivers, it was about 6.30, so we just worked the first lock which had the gate open ready for us, thanks to Doug and James, and we moored up behind them in the evening sunshine.  Just a perfect leisurely day.

14 miles, 1 lock, 2 bridges


  1. Isn't everywhere greening up fast? It's almost like watching a slow motion video sequence. You have a great vantage point from the boat (better than from my office window.)

  2. We are indeed very privileged. We try to remember to say thank you every day.