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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wallingford and Dorchester


Our quiet moorings at Wallingford just above the bridge were good, but we did get fined charged £5 for our overnight stay.


We had a quick look around this morning, an historic town with a bridge crossing dating from medieval times, previously there had been a ford, hence the name Wallingford.





P1070756 P1070758

The local family owned department store, Pettit’s, amongst the many independent shops along the High Street.

P1080843At Dorchester, another historic Thames-side village is another lovely stop.  As we made our way across the fields our first sight of the village centre is the toll house and parish church known as the Abbey.

P1080844 P1080846 

The village has many fine old buildings.


I like this old wall. It has a thatched top to keep the wall dry, as it was made of mud plaster, I guess around wooden laths.


The George Hotel

The George Hotel is an old 15th century coaching inn, two inns remain in the village where once there were 10!


The old college building in the main street, comprises several houses now, and has a wonderful wisteria growing round it.  A local lady told me she has seen a photo dated 1902 with the wisteria growing, and it is reputed to be the largest specimen in the country.

P1080847 P1080852

I extends in both directions along the front of the building and around the corner too.


Just coming into flower, it will soon be a really stunning display.


On the way back to Tacet we walked past the Dyke Hills, a remainder of the Iron Age hill fort once found here.


5 miles, 2 locks


  1. Hi Ian and Karen
    We are planning to meet some friends at Wallingford who are on the way down the Thames so it is just as well we know about the fine/charge of £5 per night. Nice to have someone ahead of us to suss out the ground.
    Best wishes
    Bob and June

  2. Hi, we need to leave our 60' narrowboat from end of May for probably maximum of six weeks as close to Wallingford as we can, for temporary accommodation for son between moves. There seems to be a dearth of availability, a private mooring that will be vacant for the period would be ideal, or a commercial mooring. Any ideas would be welcome.Thanks and best wishes for safe and happy boating.