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Monday, 27 May 2013

Bluebells, Beauty, Bridges

We have enjoyed a few days with family in Sussex.  I just had to go the Bluebell woods near to our old home where we played as children and have enjoyed the vivid blue and heavenly scent of the bluebells every year.  They are past their best just now, but the smell was still lovely and in the dappled sunshine through the mixed woodland canopy, the glorious colour glowed, I’m afraid my photos don’t do them justice.
P1090252 P1090254 P1090256 P1090259 P1090263 P1090249
Jumble and Meg enjoyed the stream, chasing each other in a brief spurt of energy for two old dogs.
P1090267 P1090239
It was lovely to be back in familiar beautiful surroundings, wandering the footpaths, across meadows to the woods.
P1090240 P1090241 P1090242 P1090272
And then back along the Cuckoo Trail, the old southern railway line which ran from Eastbourne to Tunbridge Wells, and is now a well used trail with walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
P1090269 P1090270 P1090271 P1090273
It could almost have been a canal, a tree-lined route with bridges, embankments, cuttings and cow parsley everywhere.  Lovely.


  1. It all looks so tranquil (apart from the dogs!) Bluebells are hard to do justice to in photos but I like these.

  2. Bluebells woods are such beautiful places. There's nothing else quite like them.

    1. That's it. I've caught up. I have enjoyed following your journey from the last grasp of winter through to the awakening of spring.

  3. Thanks H, I shall look back to read all your comments now. Hope all is well with you and yours. K