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Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Tuesday, 14 May 2013



Lechlade is the end of our Thames journey, well as far as we are able to go on Tacet.  A smaller boat could venture further up to Cricklade. We arrived late morning, just as the first of the rain showers started, as the forecasters had predicted.




After tying up, (on the one free 24hr EA mooring!) we walked up to the round house at Inglesham.



P1080941 P1080943 P1080944

The round house was a lock-keepers house for the Thames and Severn canal which joined the Thames at this point. (The weeping willow hides the entrance to the right of the house)  The Thames and Severn was the link through the Cotswolds from Saul junction on the Gloucester and Sharpness, to the Thames and so London. A very active restoration society have re-opened parts of the waterway, not sure if it will be finished in our lifetimes though.




The market square with St Lawrence’s Church and some fine old buildings surrounding it.P1080957


P1080946 P1080959 P1080961


Around the village I spotted these Gazebos, built into the garden walls of some of the old and expensive properties.  They were status symbols of the 18th century, and apparently there are 5 remaining in Lechlade, I only found 3.





This old doorway along the main road is a grand entrance to a small cottage, reputed to be the oldest in the village.






P1080947 P1080951

Just realised I forgot to get a picture of the bridge from the river. Doh!  The river crossing here is known as Half-penny bridge.  It was built in 1793 for the Burford and Highworth turnpike. The toll charged for a pedestrian was a halfpenny.

Radcot – Lechlade

5.5 miles, 3 locks


  1. Such a lovely little town Lechlade, nice to see the pictures, hope you are enjoying the upper Thames, and that you haven't had too much rain? We are really enjoying the Thames this time, not moving very much each day if at all, stopping in Windsor for a bit now. Doug and James x

  2. That weeping willow is a wonderful tree. Aren't they graceful with their sweeping branches and slender leaves.