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Wednesday, 22 May 2013



Our day started with a walk round the lovely hamlet of Wormleighton just a little way from the canal.

P1090149 P1090150 P1090152 P1090156

The cottages around the green just below the church are lovely, the church is 13th century, and the tower gate house opposite is dated 1613.

The manor house is from the early 16th century with very worn stone and brick, and coats of arms set into the walls. The other side looked more grand, but could not get a good view with the camera.

P1090154 P1090155



On the way back we passed the village pond, where only residents have the right to fish. 






And across the fields where the lumps and bumps show where the old medieval village once was. Today the lambs were enjoying climbing and skipping around on them.






Once on our way again we were soon at the top of the Napton locks, the first two are at Marston Doles.

An attractive cottage sits beside the lock,





and a blue working boat was moored at the water point!  I wonder who left that there?





P1090165 P1090167 P1090169


Down the Napton flight and we met Ian and Helen on nb Leo, making their way to Oxford, the Thames and the K&A I believe, where we have just come from.  Last year we passed on Heartbreak Hill, one day we may be able to stop and chat properly.

The cows we passed looked more like buffalo or bison, perhaps they are and English Mozzarella comes from here.





Although the sun was trying to come through by the time we got to the bottom of the hill, the view of the windmill was still a bit hazy.  We walked to the village shop for the Post Office, milk and a paper.




Our first family of cygnets on the water, keeping close to Mum.  Seven in all, Dad is just out of the picture, watching us closely.





One of the last Oxford bridges, with chain linked railings along the side.  These can be lowered down to allow wide-loaded farm trailers to cross over.



P1090178 P1090179 P1090180 

And so we arrive at the oh, so familiar Braunston, I must have got the setting wrong on the camera, all a bit over exposed today!

At Braunston turn, turn left for North Oxford and Hawkesbury Junction, turn right for Grand Union and London.

Today we took the right hand bridge, passing all the moored boats in Braunston, we wanted to get up the locks and through the tunnel to a quiet spot for the night.  No other boats were on the move by now, so we worked the wide locks alone.

P1090183 P1090184

Not tempted to stop at the Admiral Nelson, as it was getting late.  We were through the tunnel at about 8pm, tied up and ready for dinner at 8.30 just short of Norton Junction.

Wormleighton – Norton Junction

19 miles 15 locks, 1 tunnel

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