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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A New Crew


We returned to Tacet bringing with us two of our nieces, for the half-term holiday. Lots of excitement, leaving behind the rest of the family and setting out on a boaty adventure.

The boatyness started earlier than expected. Just before we got to the Blackwall tunnel, we saw a message that the ‘northbound tunnel was closed – find an alternative route’.  We had just been talking about the various ways you can cross the Thames so we turned off towards Woolwich to try another of them, the Woolwich Ferry.


Only one was running so we had a bit of a wait, then were first in line for the next crossing.




P1090283 P1090286



It’s a long way across to the other side, the girls were surprised how wide the river is here.  And the size of the boats moving up and down the river.  Tacet will seem small.



P1090292 P1090293

At last it was our turn to drive on, up the ramp and to the front of the deck. The flag is flying at half-mast as a sign of respect for the young soldier who died on Wednesday in that terrible act of terrorism.

It’s much nicer crossing the Thames by Ferry than underneath it by Tunnel.


  1. Hi Karen and Ian & nieces,

    Brings back memories of my teenage years, I used to ride by bike from Barking to Reg and (Molly's) parents house taking my bike on that ferry, glad to see its still in service, my alternative was to walk my bike under the river via the pedestrian tunnel nearby.

    Enjoy having your nieces along,
    Bye David Welch in Australia.

    1. I wonder if you know about the newest river crossing. The cable cars at Greenwich?

  2. Hi Karen & Ian, No I did not know about them, but was told about them by Reg the other day while on Skype with him.
    I have not been back to the UK since 1986 when I came over to oversee the burial of my Dad, so I think I will get a shock when I see London again.
    Regards David Welch in Australia.
    I will look at your hyperlink with interest.