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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Yesterday, once again in glorious sunshine, we made the most of the last bit of the Kennet and Avon Canal.
P1080807 The last few miles into Reading are less canal cut and more river Kennet, and although flowing enough to keep us moving along at a quicker than usual pace, the flow has slowed compared to 3 weeks ago when we first turned off the Thames.
Again the colours of the trees, the flowers, the baby ducklings and goslings around were a joy to see.

At Fobney lock the gates are mended and this time the lock landing below the lock was now visible.
P1080809 P1080810 P1080811 P1080812 P1080813

Riding the Reading Rapids

Whilst Ian was busy with business phone calls, Jumble and I had to make ourselves scarce for an hour or two. Forbury Gardens is just behind the town moorings, so we walked around there and enjoyed sitting in the sunshine doing the puzzles in the Times and dozing. (Jumble dozing, not Karen)
P1080815 P1080817 P1080814

The Blade, the new office block, now looking for tenants.

This morning we had intended an early start, to get a bit of painting done on the gunwales, but we woke up to hear rain, so that plan changed.  However by the time we were up and breakfasted it was dry again, and so we cleaned, rubbed down and touched up the blue paintwork.  (James would be proud of us!)

The first lock for today was Blakes lock, operated by Thames lock-keepers, so no work for us,


out onto the final stretch of the Kennet,
with all the swans,


        and back to Old Father Thames, turn left for Oxford.

P1080822 P1080824 


Spotted on our journey today.





Tonight we are moored at Wallingford.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles, 4 locks
Wednesday: 17.5 miles, 5 locks


  1. There's no stopping you two now with boat maintenance!!! Enjoy the Thames again, we should make it by the weekend!

    1. It's nice to be back on the Thames, a bit more restful, with the lock keepers help. I missed my lock mate the last few days!

  2. Oh dear. That penultimate photo looks a bit of a disaster!