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Friday, 17 May 2013

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday morning was so warm and sunny, we were meeting J for a late breakfast and in celebration of the final of his finals. His student days are over,and real life begins! We breakfasted in one of the cafes in the covered market then J took us to the University Parks.

P1090021 P1090022

Such lovely areas of planting, woodland, cricket pitch, croquet lawn, lakes and the river Cherwell running through.

P1090023 P1090025




Keble College just outside the park gates.






Anyone know what this is?  Waxy ivy like leaves, soft green thorns, wide spaced petals.







Science departments for the University.







Outside the Randolph Hotel this beautiful TR3a was sitting, bonnet up, cooling down.

Its owner was inside the hotel buying a bottle of water to add to the radiator.  I hope it appreciated the mountain spring water that was poured in.

We appreciated seeing this lovely car, in very good condition for a 50 year old! (or thereabouts)




On the way back to Tacet, we saw this building close what would have been the old basin at the end of the Oxford Canal on Hythe Bridge Street.  It is now a Thai restaurant but originally it was the Boatman’s Mission building.





It was time to leave Oxford, say goodbye to our boy, and move on up the canal. It won’t be long before we are back, we have a graduation ceremony to attend next month.


  1. That Thai restaurant is lovely and just a very short walk from the end of the Oxford Canal.

  2. Well done to J for completing his University career. Mark is also in the process of tidying up the last few bits of assignments for his final year. Time moves on so swiftly. It seems no time at all since we were moving him into his first student accommodation.