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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Blanket designs

I haven’t shown any of the things I’ve been making for a while, Now the evenings are lighter we travel longer and there’s not so much time for sewing and crochet.

However I’ve got a couple of baby blankets finished, as I have two cousins expecting babies this year and so I set out to try some different designs.

First I wanted to have a go at a daisy pattern, and after several trials I settled on this pattern with a close double chain for the centre and triple trebles for the petals, then using some of my favourite colours for the background of the squares, this is the result.

P1090802 P1090798

P1090801 P1090803

I joined the squares with a row of double chain and repeated it on both sides so there is not so obviously a front and back. It is finished with a border of 3 rows of double chain and a row of single trebles.


Then the next project was to do a ripple pattern and for this I didn’t buy any more wool!

Wow!  I managed to used up the stash of leftovers from the last couple of blankets and it has ended with a very pleasing result.  It was fun to do, though you do need to keep count of your stitches to create the ups and downs!

P1090792 P1090793 P1090795

The only thing is both blankets are rather girly colours, so I think I shall just have to get some more wool in shades for a boy.  What a shame (not). Another visit to a wool shop coming up then, I just need to send Mr B off on some other errand so he doesn’t notice.



  1. HI Karen,
    I love your blankets and thought you might be interested to look at the following


    This lady came to talk to my craft group and brought an amazing selection of blankets, knitted and crocheted which ladies from around the world had sent to her. She started these blankets in memory of her Grandmother who died at a great age.

    Congratulations to your Son on his degree - you must both be very proud of him.
    June and Rob

    1. Lovely designs, its nice when lots of people contribute to a whole project. Karen