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Monday, 17 June 2013

Great Barford

A real little gem, a great mooring between an ancient bridge and a lock and weir.

P1090811But before we look around Barford, here are some interesting houses we passed on the way from Bedford this morning.  Built on the riverbank with moorings, there are several of these timber houses, grown I guess from shed/chalet type constructions, as some still are.


This was the largest and most well kept, almost lost behind the trees. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.






Whereas this one seems to have grown around the trees, can you see the tree coming through the roof?






We only had a short journey, 3 locks and 6 miles. So there was plenty of time to get on with some boat loving. Cleaning down the outside, polishing brasses and putting the sparkle back into the windows.

A bit of sweeping inside and then preparing a casserole for dinner, and baking scones and a chocolate fudge cake for a special occasion tomorrow.



There has been time for a walk around the village too, there are loads of footpaths criss-crossing through the village, across the fields and along the river. A great place to spend out in the fresh air.





P1090812 P1090815

The north and south sides of the bridge are very different.  The original 15th century bridge was built of stone and in later years the brick arches were added to widen the road, though it is still too narrow for two way traffic today! The bridge replaced a ford, hence the name Barford, and even in those days caused problems when traders in Bedford complained that their town was being by-passed with people using the new river crossing.

P1090816 P1090820

Tacet through the bridge and from the bridge, along with a group of young canoeist who I would guess are on their Year 6 week away from school, staying at the Scout camping ground close by and using up some first night energy out on the water. Lots of happy, excited children sounds could be heard for a while.



The view of the church and pub from our home tonight.







On our walk this evening, we saw work in progress on this thatched roof.  Looks as though just the ridge is being re-thatched.  We decided that owning a thatched cottage would be a bit of a liability and expense, but having neighbours over the road with thatched houses would be better!



6 miles, 3 locks


  1. That fudge cake looks yummy! We moored for a few days at Great Barford last year. It's got a good bus link into Cambridge, the X5 stops on the main road.

    We're currently moored at Waterbeach and will be here until next Wednesday probably, before going back int town once the fair's gone. Hopefully see you at some point!

    1. Will be in touch, looking forward to seeing you and Willow.

  2. Those year six are in kayaks so they must be pretty proficient :)

    Special occasion tomorrow - ooooh. Sounds exciting!

  3. They were just paddling around, getting the feel of the boat, they didn't go far!