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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Jam Therapy

Actually Summer Fruits Therapy.  As you have probably gathered, I enjoy baking and time in the kitchen, especially making sweet things – cakes, puddings and jams. This morning we got some lovely strawberries and raspberries from the market in Huntingdon, not so much fun as going to a ‘pick your own’, but actually no more expensive.


So in between locks today, strawberries have been mashed and boiled and turned into jam.


For dinner we ate homemade lasagne with minty new potatoes and green beans, real comfort food. (No picture of that we ate it too quickly!)




The raspberries were crying out for cream and meringue, so I whipped up egg whites and sugar to make a pavlova.



This was all washed down with a glass of Elderflower cordial, from elderflowers collected at Great Barford and bottled up yesterday.

P1090966 I feel much better today.

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  1. We heard a short "Pip" but couldn't see where it came from, you must have gone past our line of vision before we could look out.
    Brian and Diana