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Sunday, 9 June 2013

In the Far East

Well as far east as you can go in a 57’ narrowboat.
Yesterday we arrived at the navigable end of the Little Ouse at Brandon, Suffolk. The journey here was very quiet, peaceful cruising, occasionally passing a few moored boats and only seeing one other moving all day.  The river winds through open farmland with the occasional house or farm in sight, passing through wildlife reserves with lakes and lots of twitchers out spotting the birds living there.
We have heard from several people that say they have seen otters here at Brandon and I (Karen) have been wanting to see otters since we left the land life over 2 years ago.
So we have made several walks up and down the river keeping our eyes peeled for evidence of otters on the banks, and a sighting in the river.  So far no luck……… Maybe later.
But this afternoon we did spot……

P1090570 yellow flag irises,
P1090573 darting dragonflies,
                                                                                 babbity bumblebees,
P1090578  P1090583
sweet little swan families.

Along the pathway, which was a bit of a jungle in places, there were little paths through the grass and reeds which could well be otter paths and mini mud patches where one can imagine otter families playing. And all day we have been hearing the call of a cuckoo as a background to all this nature watching.

Tonight as I am writing there are swallows swooping across the river catching the insects hovering over the water.  What a great place to be!


  1. We only ever saw the otters at dusk and always playing in the local entrance-it was January though; I don't know if the seasons make a difference. Jill

  2. That should be lock entrance

  3. Karen
    Look after our mooring we were there for six weeks in Feb and March..say hello to Charlie the chap who looks after the fishing lake.

    1. We chatted to him, also Nigel (nb Swallow), I think he's been around a long time.