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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Huntingdon & Godmanchester

Yesterday evening we enjoyed a stroll around these two towns on the banks of the River Great Ouse, separated by the river, but joined by a bridge (or two). The light was lovely as the sun began to sink at the end of the longest day of the year.

So here are a few of the photos taken on our walk.

I loved these sign posts built into the wall of a building at the junction.

P1090941 P1090944

And finally, a perfect end….



  1. Glad you're feeling brighter, what an amazing day with the children.

    How you two stay in such good shape with all that cooking. Graham has been dreaming about your chocolate cake. Jill

    1. Thanks Jill,
      Today is a fast day which helps keep our weight under control. As for the chocolate cake it was soon polished off by a houseful of hungry students!