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Friday 20 January 2012

Back in Oxford

Yesterday we left our mooring in Lechlade, beside the pub. It is officially 24 hours, but we stayed 2 nights as there has been no-one else on the move along the Thames from Oxford. The lock keeper at St. Johns assured us that was ok.
Leaving Lechlade under Ha'penny Bridge, the river winds round the meadows to St John's lock with the church always in view.

Old Father Thames at the lockside.  He used mark the head of the river at Cricklade in the middle of a field, but has been here since the 70's.

With so few boaters coming through the locks over the winter, the lock keepers have time to do some fancy gardening.  Today we have also seen them painting bollards and scraping algae off the locks sides. All of them have been friendly, cheerful and pleased to stop their winter jobs and help us through the locks. Methinks the life of Thames lock keeper is a good one.
We moored at Northmoor last night and walked into Appleton before settling down with the papers and patchwork.
Today we have returned to Oxford for the weekend again.

26 miles, 11 locks, 3 bridges

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