Narrowboat Tacet

Silent Movement - Our gap year travelling the inland waterways

Sunday 29 January 2012

Welcoming Visitors

Yesterday as we were approaching Banbury, Ian took a phone call from his brother, who wanted to come over and see us.
So having tied up in the town centre moorings we set to, a quick sweep round, a shower and put some potatoes in the oven and an hour later we were ready to welcome 3 visitors on board.
They brought our post with them, so we are up to date with everything again.  Thanks for coming over we enjoyed the evening together.

We have Tacet booked in at Braunston dry dock to get her bottom blacked next week, so we were going to make a leisurely way back over this week. Then today we had a message that if we wanted to get in the dry dock on Friday, we could do the tunnel bands first over the weekend. So we shall be moving back a bit quicker, but its not a problem as long as there is no ice.

14 miles, 8 locks, 4 bridges


  1. Sounds a bit like me when I have notice of visitors arriving aboard, out comes the brush!

  2. What are tunnel bands please?

    1. Hi H,
      My Mum and Dad wondered that too. Its the two bands of colour, usually red and white, round the stern end of the boat.

    2. Ok. Thanks. Live and learn :)