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Friday 27 January 2012

River Thames

We've come to the end of our sojourn on the River Thames. As we can't get down into London via the Royal River nor down the Grand Union we will spend a bit of time pootling around the midlands. I have just been looking back over the photos and found some that never made the blog. So before we leave the Thames completely, here are some I took earlier......(in no particular order!)

An impressive boathouse

unusual lock house

the very narrow bridge at Tadpole

Paddle and Rhymer weir at Rushey Lock (I think)

Christ Church Meadow, Oxford

Wilts & Berks Company Canal bridge off Thames, but not on canal(?)

Today we turned off the Thames and are back on the Oxford canal heading north towards Banbury. We are moored in a very peaceful spot outside Lower Heyford.  It has been a beautiful sunny day except for a short shower when the sky clouded over for a little while. The sun has brought out the wonderful winter colours of the trees, almost autumnal like....

Aah time for bed.
13 miles, 11 locks, 3 bridges

1 comment:

  1. That really is an impressive boathouse - and the name Tadpole is brilliant!! Can you imagine a native's response when someone asks where they come from?

    "Oh, I come from Tadpole".

    Love it!!