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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Royal Leamington Spa

The weather forecasters got it right last night. High winds and heavy rain. We were rocking last night! Then woken up with a crash, a mug had been left on the cabin top yesterday  and the smash as it landed on the counter was quite something!
So no hurry to get up today, lovely.....
At midday the sun was shining so Jumble and I stepped out to stretch our legs and do the necessary, dodging the puddles we had only just got out and the rain started again.
This afternoon was a bit dryer and so we set off to explore the town....

All Saints Church

Aahh, blue skies again

Lansdowne Crescent

Jephson Gardens

Former Turkish Baths at the Pump Rooms

Leamington Spa is named after the River Leam which flows through the town. Formerly known as Leamington Priors, its expansion began following the popularisation of the medicinal qualities of its water. In 1814, the Royal Pump Rooms and Baths were opened.  This grand structure attracted many visitors, expecting cures by bathing in pools of salty spa water.  It now contains Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum, a library, a tourist information centre, refurbished assembly rooms and a cafe. Spa water can still be sampled outside the building.


  1. I don't think I've ever visited Leamington Spa. Did you sample the water? Was it disgusting?

  2. Didn't try it out, no cup! I'm sure it is pretty disgusting.